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Welcome to the Montana Board of Psychologists

The Board of Psychologists makes every effort to include on this website all relevant information pertaining to the licensing and regulation of psychologists, behavior analysts and assistant behavior analysts in Montana.

Consumer Notice Regarding Psychological Assessments

Psychologists licensed by the Montana Board of Psychologists may wish to educate or inform the public with respect to what makes the psychologist competent to conduct, interpret, and analyze a psychological assessment.  This may be especially true in light of legislative changes that allow certain licensees of other professions to hold themselves out as being qualified to engage in similar conduct.  While licensed psychologists are not prohibited from providing the public any consumer notice that is accurate and appropriate, the following statement, when taken in its entirety, has been expressly approved by the Montana Board of Psychologists:

The Psychological Assessment you are about to review was prepared by a psychologist duly licensed in Montana whose qualifications were established by meeting all of the following requirements:

  1. a doctorate degree in psychology from an accredited institution with curriculum standards that meet the approval of the American Psychological Association or similar curriculum guidelines established by the Montana Board of Psychologists;
  2. two years of supervised experience in the field of psychology under the direction of qualified professionals (including a year of residency training at the educational institution where the doctoral degree was awarded);
  3. examples of psychological work for analytical review by the Montana Board of Psychologists;
  4. a detailed and comprehensive application that must meet the approval of the Montana Board of Psychologists;
  5. a nationally standardized and administered written examination specific to competency in psychological assessments; and
  6. a rigorous oral examination administered by the Montana Board of Psychologists, also focusing on the applicant’s competency in psychological assessments.

Consumer Note:  In Montana, only licensed psychologists are required in this way to demonstrate their competence to conduct, interpret, and analyze psychological assessments.  Other professionals describing their work as “psychological assessments” are not subject to similar requirements to establish their qualifications.

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