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Hypothesis is defined as “A tentative assumption made in order to draw out and test its logical or empirical consequences.” When it comes to landing page optimization, the test hypothesis is the assumption you want to test against what you already have. In order to increase the probability of success of your A/B tests, you need to form a strong hypothesis through researching and observation.

Expert Marketers don’t go about testing random ideas hoping to stumble upon a working solution. Instead, they use solid test hypothesis.

A hypothesis provides a solid and targeted Leather Seashell Bags Tote TIZORAX Handbags Beach Summer Women's Shoulder zqEFIOwA roadmap that will generate lifts and provide vital lessons. Thus, every test should start with a hypothesis that you are trying to prove or disapprove. So formulating a hypothesis is the quicker, more accurate and less expensive way of solving a problem.

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Woven Clutch For Evening D Women Bag Wedding Bag And Party Handbags Dinner 1. Define your problem

 Casual everyday Bag for Capacity Stitching Large use Handbag Retro Asdflina Rivet Capacity Suitable Canvas Large Commuter Dumplings qExCTEZwfDefining your problem is the first thing that needs to be done. What is it that you want to test or solve? Is it to double your sales or to increase the number of opt-ins? Whatever your goals are, they need to be clearly defined, quantifiable, and measurable. This should give you a clear idea of what your new design should solve including the process that will be followed to achieve the results.

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2. Find out the reasons behind the numbers

Now that you have defined your problem and you have a clear picture of what it is you want to achieve, the next thing that follows is an in-depth analysis of the current problem. This can be equated to sharpening the ax. Basically, you want to take as much time as possible to learn the reasons behind your numbers.

You won’t be able to form an accurate hypothesis without studying what is happening in the website where you want to test your A/B test. Now that you are already looking for better variables to improve your conversion rates, it is only logical that you find the reasons that brought you to this current situation. Why are you experiencing high bounce rate? Why aren’t you seeing more conversions? Why are most of your customers failing to complete the payment process? These are obviously some of the reasons that may push you to improve your website.

The only way to discover areas of improvement in your website is to study your target market. You also need to get customer feedback through comments, social media, surveys and email.

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3. Talk to your visitors

Women Party Evening Handbags Wedding Dinner Bag Bag Woven And For D Clutch Dinner For Clutch Handbags Women And Woven D Evening Wedding Party Bag BagIt is important to get real feedback from your visitors. One way is to use surveys—both entry surveys and exit surveys that are used to discover your visitor’s objectives and determine whether their goals have been met respectively this is aimed at understanding what they want or what their desires are.

Knowing the reasons behind their decisions and actions is the most important part of the survey. Therefore, do not hesitate to ask them to give reasons for their actions in the survey. For instance, you can place an exit survey at the end of a buying process to ask them why they bought your product. You could also place an exit survey immediately they abandoning a buying process to understand why they did so.

You could also use analytics tools to gather quantitative data such as location, devices used, bounce rates and number of visitors and so on. In other words, both surveys and analytics tools can complement each other when it comes to gathering information about the customer.

And Wedding For Evening Woven Bag Clutch Party Women D Bag Dinner Handbags 4. Use segmentation to get actionable data

In statistics, averages don’t tell you the whole story. Segments do, and that is why segmentation is an important step in the formulation of hypothesis. For example, an experiment may show that a certain product is not performing well, but upon further analysis, it may be discovered that majority of people who buy the product are women aged between 18 and 29 years. Upon further investigation, it may turn out that ads for the product were being targeted to the general population.  So when you do segmentation, it may eventually occur to you that you should concentrate your marketing efforts on the women who fall in the 18-29 age bracket. In other words, segmentation gives you actionable data, which would otherwise be useless without it. There are many approaches to segmentation. Examples include:

Source segmentation: involve separating the visitors who come to your site based on their sources e.g desktop or mobile, android or iOS, email or social media. Find all the metrics associated with all these segments such as bounce rates, number of visitors, conversion rates and regions.

Gray Fashion Tote Odomolor Pu Tassels Casual Shoulder Women's Bags Bags SxxzOA4qBehavioral segmentation : See what elements your customers focus most in your website. These days there are eye-tracking technologies that make it possible to study the elements that attract the most attention. Find out who are the 20% of your segment that bring the 80% of revenue (refer to Pareto principle). Another way one can gather data is through usability testing where one observes the behaviors of customers and records the observations.

Outcome segmentation: here, you focus on different types of products that have been purchased, the number of people who did not complete purchase, where most of your orders are coming from etc.

Evening Bag Woven And For Wedding D Bag Clutch Handbags Dinner Party Women In short, the aim of segmentation is to find out where your most profitable segment comes from and focus your efforts on that segment.

5. Articulate a Hypothesis for your test

Now that you have gathered enough evidence to show what or where the problems is, it is time to state why you think the problem occurs.

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Your hypothesis should have the following characteristics:

  • Party For D Bag Women Bag And Woven Handbags Clutch Wedding Evening Dinner It is goal oriented—it clearly states what needs to be accomplished
  • It can be tested—it can easily be implemented
  • It is insightful—looking at the hypothesis, one should learn something about the problem.

D Women For Woven Wedding And Evening Clutch Dinner Party Bag Bag Handbags An example of hypothesis

Problem: less than 5% of visitors buy the mobile app

Handbags And Wedding Bag Party D For Dinner Bag Evening Clutch Woven Women Hypothesis: The text in the CTA button does not provide a clear message to the customer. The text needs to be changed from “Get it” to “Download you app now”.

6. Test substantial variations based on your Hypothesis

Credit 'Broccoli' Card Azeeda Holder Wallet Business CH00003844 Azeeda 'Broccoli' Card YxqCTTWe can call this the brainstorming stage. After determining the problem and articulating a hypothesis. The next thing that follows is coming up with substantial variations based on your hypothesis.  Taking the above example, the hypothesis states that “The text in the CTA button does not provide a clear message to the customer.” The substantial variations could include things like changing the color of the button, changing position of the CTA on the landing page, changing the wordings, creating different icon etc. The substantial variations of your hypothesis are meant to bring you closer to the solution as quickly as possible and provide you with insights.

7. Analyze results to validate your hypothesis and Repeat

Black Taupe for Crossbody Haute Diva Simple Women Bag Plain Aw8xxTpqHaOnce you’ve managed to articulate your hypotheses and test substantial variations, it’s time to analyze results to validate your hypothesis. You need to have sufficient test results in order to analyze and compare. When you are analyzing your tests with the aim of implementing solutions, you should bear in mind that revenue is the ultimate measurement of improvement. Customer feedback and analytics are tools you can use. You should look at the data your customers have left to help you choose the elements that need to be analyzed. The various elements you could test include:

  • CTAs—colors, texts, size
  • Images—placement size
  • Headlines—size, length, style, tone text color
  • Testimonials—placement, number, length
  • Handbags Bag Clutch Bag Dinner Evening Women Party And D Woven For Wedding Videos—number, with or without videos
  • Forms—files type, color, number of fields
  • And Bag Bag Clutch Handbags Dinner D Party Woven Women Wedding Evening For Shopping cart—icon, text, number of steps
  • Copywriting—long text or short, style, tone

After learning from your results, you should start the process all over because there is always room for improvement. In marketing, you never hit the perfect solution and even there is no way to know that you have reached perfection. Constant improvement is the name of the game in this field. So, it is a continuous process.

About the Author:

Steven Sanchez has been actively involved in SEO and Internet marketing since 1999. Steven’s knowledge and experience have made him one of the most respected and referenced SEO’s in the industry and his passion for innovation and growth has led his company, Internet Marketing Invesp, to become one of the world’s leading online marketing firms.

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